Coffins and caskets

Coffins for cremation are fitted with plastic furniture in a brass finish. Coffins for burial are fitted with traditional metal handles in a brass finish. Coffin colours, styles and fittings can be combined to meet individual requirements. Please ask if you have any specific requirements.
  • The Cheshire Oak

    Traditional wood veneer, shown in light oak. Available in dark stain also.

  • The Whitby

    Light oak classic with double beading, with matching side and lid panels.

  • Windermere

    Limed oak finish makes this an elegant choice, shown with a double raised lid.

  • The Mollington

    Highly polished dark mahogany brings out the elegant features of this timeless classic.

  • The Eastham

    Medium oak classic, with double beading and a lid bead.

  • Forester

    Using solid pine from sustainable forests ensures minimal impact on the environment.

  • Warwick

    Light oak with striking double side panels, double raised lid and double beadings.

  • The Warwick in White

    A refreshingly modern finish traditionally designed creating just the right touch of individuality.

  • The Hanley

    This attractive design features routered side panels, with matching end panels, double raised lids and double beadings. A very popular choice.

  • The Ambassador

    A fine example of English workmanship with strong allusions to the Victorian era, The Ambassador has been fashioned from seasoned oak to convey solidity and a sense of timeless beauty.

  • The Pennington

    For unadorned beauty and elegant lines without a hint of pretension the Pennington is in a field of its own. Fashioned from solid oak in a mute shade, it is the epitome if quiet taste and discernment that lends dignity at a time of sorrow.

  • The Devine

    Made from solid oak with lustrous satin finish, the Devine signifies strength and character in a model that includes many classic features.

  • The Chesterfield

    With its refined oyster panels decorating deep dark tones of the solid oak, the Chesterfield conveys an air of unmistakable individuality and distinction.

  • The Austen

    The Austen will appeal to those who are seeking an exceptional final tribute, the casket influence can be seen in the long classic panels on the sides with extended bar handles.

  • The Last Supper

  • Liverpool

  • Everton

  • Signature Campervan Silver

    Treasured memories inscribed with love. Embrace your loved ones memory with our individual handcrafted coffin: a truly personal reflection of their life.

  • Signature Mum

    Treasured memories inscribed with love. Embrace your loved ones memory with our individual handcrafted coffin: a truly personal reflection of their life.

  • Cardboard coffin

    Made from recycled materials. Available in different styles with or without rope or brass effect handles.

  • Water Hyacinth

    Harvesting water hyacinth for the manufacture of Water Hyacinth Coffins has great local benefits, in clearing water courses, providing irrigation etc. The resulting materials, when woven, produce a beautiful looking coffin.

  • Bamboo coffin

    Designed with beauty and strength in mind, this Bamboo coffin combines sophistication with quality. Created with a strong wooden frame, with hand woven bamboo panels, this traditional shape coffin comes with a tasteful natural unbleached calico decorative interior, a choice of personalised nameplates and a footplate.

  • Willow coffin

    Elegantly made from 100% natural and sustainable sources by skilled weavers. Suitable for burial or cremation.