Many people pass away unexpectedly. A sudden short illness or an accident can take people from us and leave a substantial void in our lives. As well as the shock of losing someone we love so suddenly there is also the issue of planning the funeral without any instructions. Some people simply choose not to think about their eventual passing and see little point in making definitive plans whereas others find comfort in knowing that their loved ones will know exactly how to plan the funeral in accordance with their wishes.

We provide an empathic and compassionate service to each of our customers and we take every step to help you through the process. In the absence of directions or funeral preferences it is best to consider who the person was and what they may have wanted. When planning a funeral it can be very helpful to feel sure that you have respected the beliefs of the deceased and accurately represented the kind of person they were.

Grief hits us hard and it can be challenging to make important decisions. We will provide you with our full assistance and ensure you make well informed choices that you can be comfortable with. We strive to help everyone say an appropriate goodbye to those they have lost and we maintain a professional yet sensitive approach at all times.

We are pleased to wait until you feel ready to make the arrangements and if you wish we can visit you at your home. We will help you make the right choices regarding every aspect from the casket to the service and we will also provide continued care and support after the funeral.